Product Name

[F2 White ink printing machine]

white ink,T-shirt printing,digital printing

Product Picture


Product Features

1. Three stations design, printing at the same time, the effect and efficiency have been greatly improved.
2. The use of industrial-grade FUJIFILMDimaix StarFire 1024 print printheads life of more than 5 years.
3...1200DPI printing accuracy under the black T printing time of 51 seconds (A4 size), white T printing time of 35 seconds (A4 size).
4. With mature dry printing solution and wet printing solution, any choice.

Product Introduction

1、Using 3 or 4 American Starlight 1024 industrial printhead, you can choose 7-color printing scheme.

2, the latest design of the 3 version of the program, capacity single daily capacity of 2000 pieces of A4.

3, using imported ink, low cost, stable, smooth.

4, the complete system solution, that is, to save ink costs and processing time for pictures, but also to get better printing results.

5、White ink path system supports circulation and timing stirring function to ensure that the white ink does not settle, not blocking the head.

6, all printheads support the internal circulation function, to ensure that the printheads do not plug.

7, delicate table design, support flexible operation at the same time, that is, ready-to-wear printing, can also be cut pieces of printing.

8, convenient use and simple maintenance methods, so that users feel the charm of intelligent technology.