Simple process convenient operation

Can wet and dry printing

Wet printing process easier
Dry printing process is also feasible
Dry and wet process conversion, no need to change equipment, ink

Simple process  convenient operation


White-ink Digital Printer

105 pcs/h Speed

Double station design: print 2 pieces at one time;
American industrial printhead: smooth, stable and durable;
Infrared printhead protection system: automatically detect the medium height and protect the printhead;

Different machine

Same color

The effect is the same when the speed is different;
F2 speed 70Pcs/hr F3 speed 105Pcs/h;
According to your output and development stage, choose different models.

Keep up with the technology frontier

Maintain technological innovation

Keep up with the technology frontier and keep innovation strength;
Positioning market research and development, improving service quality;
Provide quality service for you and your customers.

  • Hard service every customer
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Improve Printing yield
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