New white ink direct injection ultra-low cost scheme comes

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In a twinkling of an eye, December is coming. In November, the Chinese e-commerce Carnival just concluded is still vivid in our eyes, with a total turnover of 268.4 billion yuan refreshing the history once again. Throughout the 11 years of double 11, sesame blossoms have been growing steadily, from 52 million yuan in 2009 to 268.4 billion yuan this year, an increase of 5000 times. In sharp contrast to this carnival, part of the manufacturing industry has gradually entered a dilemma. Therefore, new manufacturing is the survival way for the sustainable development of the future market. Different from the traditional manufacturing industry, which has large investment and easy excess inventory, the new manufacturing is personalized and economical on-demand customization. What is tested in this data age is the ability to produce something different.

In recent years, with the change of social development, the needs of consumers are more personalized. It is more and more difficult for the same products to meet the changing needs of consumers. If the enterprise can not transform from standardization to individuation, it will be difficult to survive. In this era of expressing personality, everyone is eager to have something unique. In the future, the manufacturing industry will also be dominated by consumers.

Whether mass production or customized, inkjet can meet your production needs. In order to innovate production technology and transform industry, how to minimize production cost has become a fundamental problem. In order to minimize the cost of printing, inkley keeps on developing new ink solutions while maintaining its excellent quality. Taking advantage of the wind and waves, the research and development team of inkley has met the expectations of the public. Through repeated research and development and testing, the team has finally achieved a successful work - a new ultra-low cost ink scheme. The production cost of printing industry will also be solved.

In 2020, it will usher in a new start, and it will also be a new starting point of "new manufacturing" of white ink direct spraying. In 2020, inkley will officially launch a new ink scheme, and the ink cost can be reduced to close to the cost of elliptical digital printing, so as to realize real low-cost industrial production. Inkley and you embrace the future - a new era of ultra-low cost white ink direct printing. The bell of the new era of white ink is about to ring. Please look forward to it!

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